Security Door Brace

Stops A Burglar in Their Tracks

Few things are as scary and potentially fatal as an intrusive home invasion or robbery. Though the daily risk of these crimes upon citizens and their dwellings is not typically tracked, news headlines tell the true story—vicious home attacks are now, sadly, part of our everyday lives. Because criminals have no regard for human life, violence and murder are simply a means to an evil goal—robbing you of valuable assets, cash, and sense of security.

Many people want to believe that a home invasion or burglary will not happen to them. But as an expert in the security industry and Founder of Global Security Experts, I can tell you firsthand that criminals don’t discriminate. No matter if you’re white, black, male, female, wealthy, or poor, you and your loved ones could be the next victims of a burglary or violent intrusion.

Today’s troubling statistics on home invasions and burglaries say it all:

•Approximately 1 out of every 5 homes encounters a burglary or violent home intrusion
•Up to 80% of home invasions are done forcibly through a “locked” door
•Home burglary takes place every 15 seconds in the U.S.

As you can see from the troubling statistics, burglaries and violent home intrusions occur every few seconds across our nation. You never know when you might be next. So don’t make the awful mistake of depending on alarm systems and locked doors as your only barricade or deterrent for criminals. Instead, make sure to add varying levels of security such as premium dead bolts, window protection films, and door braces to make it exceedingly difficult for thieves and possibly violent criminals to enter your home.

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One such affordable and effective home security device is the patented security door brace by OnGARD. This revolutionary door brace is composed of a space-age polymer, the same substance found in U.S. fighter planes and transportation bridges around the world. The OnGARD door brace is remarkably durable and stands firm against:

•Thrusts and strikes from a heavy sledgehammer
•Vigorous kicks from a 250-lb man
•Powerful side, shoulder and full body slams.

A fairly small, unobtrusive, two-piece mechanism installed at the base of the door, this particular door brace works by combining the strength of the existing door, door frame, and OnGARD brace itself. These combined strengths enable the door to endure the most forceful of blows. Although a criminal may kick and thrust himself against the door multiple times, it usually does not take long before his fear of being seen or heard sets in, causing him to give up on the attempted break-in and the unexpected security measures.

By no means can you completely eliminate the chance of a home invasion, but you can certainly reduce your chances of becoming a victim by heeding my advice. Remember—the key to lowering your risk is adding layers of protection to your home so that any attempt to enter it is extremely problematic for the intruder.